Friday, September 25, 2009

Change is good.You are good.We are good.Family is good.
AND being thankful and contented is good too.

You didnt need me to tell you to change,neither did you need an elder.You needed to see it for yourself.And you did.

Does sadness equals good posts?

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Not in a perfect world.
Just in a less painful would hurt instead of and you would be no more...i would be free...hurt a little more then i would be a less painful would try to see how i feel...what you put me through..and be really sorry...and make...really make it up to me..really really make it up to me.
In a better world...i would be treated pillows wouldnt be wet...

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It is my fault i let you get within hurting distance.

and just like that,
worlds shatter
hearts break.
hearts shatter
worlds break.

were bad news from the start.didnt see the line that divided love,loyalty and forgiveness from hate and unacceptability.say things just to hurt,simply to hurt.made me remember the horrifying details.made me relive the past that i have always wanted to behind me.didnt see me trying.didnt hear me asking for help.

but each time you needed an excuse for yourself,for the things you did,for the things you said...i came up with it for you.or accepted your excuse.maybe i gave you too much.just as others in your life continue doing.i no longer want to be a part of that.of giving.because there is nothing left for you to take.

dont know which is worse,saying it to simply hurt or when someone thinks of what to say to really hurt.cant tell when its you and when its not.cannot believe that feelings change so fast.was at the bottom,deep in....and you kicked me in the face,pushed me down further,made me remember what it was like to not know what is wrong and what is right.

when you should have pulled me up,give me strength,rebuild my faith in us.

when you do that
i cant breathe.i fear i may not live through the night because the pain is unbearable.the tears fall freely and emotions run wild.

you ...its hard to say...when you wouldnt dont see me as a victim of consequences,of life's sick and twisted ways...i didnt expect it of you at first..but slowly i thought you would one wants to live through what i did.just as i wouldnt want to live through what any other people did.but hey,what do you know right?perfect life,perfect family,perfect friends.but its different now...........................i am no longer there.its not sympathy i needed,but empathy.of each and everyone who is a stained white cloth.

between finding you and losing you,
i lost my Self.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

i woke up this morning.i dreamt that train timings were extended,because they were.then i couldn't tell if i really was on the train tracks,trying to cross over so i could get in.and i tried
and tried,i almost fell when the tracks separated.and i never got home.

that moment when dreams feel true.
and you cant tell the difference.

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About Me
I say
soon you will realise that you know about me more than anyone closer to me.for you hear my darkest thoughts and most silent whisperings.and these whisperings turn slowly to screams and it gets deafening.and you see im falling over the disturbs you because you know its know it is.

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